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The 8 square miles (21 km2) of land surrounded by the turquoise water of the Atlantic and the Caribbean sea called St-Barthelemy, was discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second trip to the Americas. He gave the island the name of his brother, Bartolomeo, hence St-Barthelemy and very often, St-Barths!

At this time, this arid dry land with its beautiful sandy beaches didn't interest anybody. Though in 1648, the first French settlers coming from the island of St-Kitts started a small colony. They were rapidly killed by the Caribe Indians. In 1659, the French colonists established a community and until now, they make the majority of the population of St-Barths.

Between 1784 to 1878, St-Barths became a Swedish colony and prospered, as a neutral and free port, amidst the infighting between the French, the English, the Spanish and the Dutch that was the lot at this time.

In 1878, Sweden returned St-Barths to France. Until now, the St-Barths people retain a very strong attachment in their heart with Sweden. From 1946 to 2007, St-Barths was a county (commune) of the French overseas department of Guadeloupe. Since the 15th of July 2007, St Barth is an overseas collectivity of France, directly attached to France. French laws apply the same way as in France (very much like the Virgin Islands with the USA). It has its own tax laws, no income tax, properties taxes and it is a free port.

The local authority is an elected president of the collectivity and a French government representative (Préfet).

French is the official language although English is widely spoken.

The Euro is the official currency although the US dollar is widely used.

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